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Highland Cross

A Highlander Crossover Fiction Community

Crossovers Highlander Style
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
A Fan Fiction community for Highlander crossover fanfic.
Welcome to Highland Cross, a community for sharing your Highlander crossover fic and recs.

Feel free to post your fic here, or a link to your fic on your LJ or website. Just put anything long behind a cut, the usual stuff. We also welcome recs, if you'd care to share them.

Please use tags for anything you post here. Fiction posts should include the Highlander character(s) in your story, the fandom it is crossed with, and if it is for a community challenge here. If it's a rec post, please use the rec tag with the same information as you would in a fiction post.

If you write a story that has a character without a tag, let me know (ithidrial AT Livejournal DOT com). I'm trying to add tags as I see fic go up that doesn't have a character tag yet. If there's a fandom without its own tag, please use the 'other fandom' tag. I'll add specific tags from that category as warranted.

At this point, I'm leaving warnings/summaries/ratings etc., up to each individual authour. That may change to a set format in the future, but for now we'll see how a more free form approach goes.

This community has moderated membership due to the amount of pr0n spam bots on LJ, but if you have a real LJ, membership will be approved as soon as possible.